I nearly forgot to share one other thing I’ve recently been doing while organizing my studio. I know some of you can’t bear to throw out a scrap of paper anymore than I can. Hey this stuff adds up after a while! Right? I don’t like wasting money anymore than the next gal.

So, I had my mom come over one day to sort all my scrap. Yep, she really did sort it for me. I just couldn’t. It was one of those things that just seemed overwhelming at the time. She did such a great job that all I have to do is sort them according to card stock and DSP.

While I was sorting I decided that I wanted to even things out as well. No 2 1/4 x 3 sizes for this gal! So I lopped off the fraction and have nice even sizes for whatever I want. And nothing is over the standard size (4.25 x 5.5). If I want a larger card I can still use all the scraps I have available.  So while I was working on my second drawer of different sizes/colors/dsp’s, I ran across a color combination I just had to put together. It’s amazing what comes out of your “scraps from the past”. I found all these things in my scraps other than the flowers. I made those the other day after I had punched them the week of Easter. So, now I have twelve of these lovely little flowers looking for a home. I told you I don’t have the heart to throw paper away. For example the cuttlebug background was meant for another project but I didn’t like how it looked. So, I threw it into the scrap pile and now it worked perfectly for my little flowers that I think look a little like daffodils. One of my favorite spring flowers. Okay…well have a great weekend. I’ll post more when I can.