Hi everyone,

I feel like such a schmuck! *Let’s out a big yell “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh” like the kind Lucy does from the Peanuts Gang when she gets zapped with “dog germs” *

Well, I was able to make a challenge card. However, when I was done with it I liked it so much that I want to send it to a good friend of mine for her birthday.  Soooo, I can’t really post it till my friend has had a chance to see it. I really hope she likes it. I can tell you it has at least 3 of the challenges included in it for TEBB. I know the challenges are over, and I truly struggled with these challenges for some unknown reason. I kept wanting to make a card using the very first color challenge posted by none other than Taylor herself. The colors were EYE POPPING! And I was determined to make a card using some of those colors. Alas, it seemed the harder I tried the harder it became to settle on a layout and/or color scheme. Aye karumba!

But, I was determined to do at least one challenge. Well, then I started stressing about how close it was to the cut off. Finally, I threw my hands in the air walked away and came back to it yesterday. I started from scratch and looked for another challenge altogether. It was obvious I was getting no where with the one I “wanted” to do.

Wouldn’t you know it? I was able to put something together (and fairly quickly too I might add) and I would have had plenty of time to post it for the challenge. But, I really want my friend to see it first. So, if you can bear with me a few days longer I’ll post it Tues/Wed of next week. I appreciate your patience.

I can tell you the 3 challenges I used…

Challenge #3: Hosted by Donna – Paper piercing

Challenge #7 Hosted By Dawn – Paper Tole

Challenge #9 Hosted By Sharon Harnist – Color challenge

Thanks  so much for understanding. Please forgive me for not posting a number of cards for this challenge. I know I built up the challenge and had very high hopes of doing all 13 of them. Little did I know I would have such a hard time just doing one! Thanks for stopping by. I promise to post the card for the TEBB challenges next week. Sooner if she gets it before then.

God Bless,


P. S. I don’t know what’s going on with the feed burner or my counter?? If only I had had 11,000 visitors. I expect someday I might. So, I’ve managed to get the count right for that. But, I have to check into the feed burner thing.  Hopefully, it’s something that’s rather simple to fix. One can only hope, right? hahahaha