smsazHey everyone,

Okay have you had one of those times when nothing seems to gel? No matter how hard you try?? I’m having one of those moments. It seems I just can’t get my brain to work for the TEBB challenges. I think of something and then I’m off and running in a completely different direction. And, what’s worse is that it is more than one direction. I can’t seem to stay focused on one layout or stamp or color, or, or, or. It’s driving me crazy!!!! It just doesn’t seem to want to come together for me at all! Grrrrrrrr….maybe I’m trying way to hard? My brain feels like mush as though it has imploded. I want to show you something, but I honestly have nothing to show you “yet”. 😦 😦 😦

I don’t have one card complete and there are only two days left for these challenges!!!! Aaaaaaaugh!  I’m going  to set things aside – straighten up the studio and take another go at it when I feel the right thing has come along. Gotta go….

A04C725EE19C31F51A660FE5357AD08E a.k.a. grumpy for the time being!