smsazWhat do recipes and hot pink have to do with one another? A lot in this case!  I went to a “My Favoite Things” get together about a month or so ago. Basically, it was a number of demonstrators and/or artisans who were invited by the hostess to display her wares for purchase. So, I went. I loved it and made a few sales. Which is always nice.

While I was there  a young lady (a friend to the hostesses daughter) placed an order for one of the recipe boxes I had on display. She wanted a pink one. HUH? Okaaaaay…pink it is. Pink is her favorite color. So, I had several options of paper to choose from within my studio. But, nothing seemed to fit the bill. I’ve known the young lady  for a little while now because the hostesses daughter is actually my son’s girlfriend. 🙂

This young lady(the one who ordered the recipe box) is a very vibrant, fun, outgoing person. So, I wanted something that would match her personality. She wanted pink and by jove I was going to give her PINK!

Then one day, I was at Hobby Lobby looking for something else, (I don’t recall what at this point) and they were having a sale (50% off) on all their paper stock. Well!  I don’t know about you, but when I see sales like that my eyes glaze over! LOL  I just “stumbled” on the sale. Don’t you just love when that happens!?! I DO.

Any who how, I picked up DCWV Blossoms and Butterflies Stack. I opened up the stack as best I could (those little round stickers they put on the sides make it hard to see the whole page) and fell in love  immediately! I’ve seen this paper before. It wasn’t new to me. But, I just never really had a “need” for it before now. I loved the color combo’s and thought OMGosh I can use this for the “Pink” recipe box . S-c-r-u-m-m-y! It was perfect!!! These papers had her name written all over them.

I thought I would give you just a quick peak at what I’ve put together so far. I know this is a big tease, but I can’t risk having the young lady see everything before I deliver it too her. I’ll post more once she has it in her hot little hands.

It’s not the best of pictures and I apologize for that. It’s been raining here and the sky is so overcast. I tried to choose the best shots and work from there. If you click on the picture it will show you a more clear picture. Not much bigger, but definitely more clear.


The picture on the far left is the inside before the front and back have been mounted to the folder stack. The two on the right are shots of the folder stack pockets. I could have colored the images, but they are so crisp I chose not to for this box. I might change my mind on this. And finally, the picture on the bottom is a snap shot of the side & outside. The papers on the outside are the two papers she chose as her favorite options. They look fabulous together. Of course they do! Why wouldn’t they? They’re from the same collection. 🙂   TSMFL!

God Bless…xoxox