Hi everyone…I am sorry I haven’t posted anything new to the blog this week. I’ve been dealing with a terrible horibble  toothache. I was able to get to a dentist yesterday (Thurs), but I am still far from being out of the woods. I broke my tooth a couple of months ago and since it wasn’t sensitive at the time I let it go knowing I would have to pay out-of -pocket-expenses for a dental visit.  Unfortunately, I did not get as much time as I had hoped. I happen to love popcorn. And, one night I was “grinding” on some popcorn and I guess I “ground” my teeth together just a little to much. The next day I was in a bit of pain. But, I thought I could get away with taking a couple of Ibuprofen and be on my way. Except that is not what my body was telling me. Well, from that point on this here ole tooth gave me fits from time to time. Then a friend of mine told me about this Dentemp stuff you could put in your tooth. I tried it and it didn’t work. In fact, my mouth was more sore than the day I put this stuff on it. Egads. I think I might have sealed in the infection and since it didn’t have anywhere to drain or ooze from (sorry for being so gross), it simply just kept getting worse and worse.

Now I am at the point of having to take 500mg of Amoxicillian and  Tylenol 3 w/codeine because the pain is just so excruciating. And, since I haven’t been getting much sleep due to the pain, I’m simply exhausted and have had no energy to do anything but lay down and try to rest as much as I can. I can honestly say, I would much rather have a baby again than to have this stinkin toothache any day! Having a baby is a cake walk compared to the level of pain I am experiencing at this point.

I did not work today and that is something that just doesn’t happen very often. So, I hope to get back on my feet and start putting things on the blog again soon when I begin to feel more human. In the meantime, have a super weekend!

If you are a praying kind of woman, please pray for me when I am brought to mind. I would greatly and truly appreciate it. And, I know God will honor your faithfulness and compassion.

Thank you and God Bless Sazxoxox