smsazFirst let me thank you for your patience and understanding. I’m really dying to make a card at the moment. Can we say jonezing! LOL I’m chomping at the bit to make my very late Mojo Monday card with this weeks CTD colors. I suppose Mojo is going to have to wait till tomorrow or Saturday. *pouts in a big way* Now that the tutorial is online – I’m calling it quits. Between work and this tutorial, I am dog tired at the moment. Kaputz. Finito. Asta la vista baby!

However, despite my pathetic whining and pouting, I think I’ve included all I possibly could to make this tutorial as easy as possible for you. God never ceases to amaze me. We truly can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. *big smile* I can only hope and pray it makes sense. eeks! I’ll soon find out, won’t I!?! LOL

It is a little long so please forgive me for this in advance. I didn’t put a lot of fluff and goo into it. It’s truly to the point as much as possible. I won’t lie, I do try to be a comedian once in a while. Don’t worry I won’t quit my day job. 😉 😀

Also, I tried and tried to get it to print larger images straight from the blog for those that would prefer a printed copy. But, unless you have reading glasses, bifocals, a huge magnifying glass, and maybe even the Hubble telescope you won’t see the dang text included with the images. *rolls eyes* Print at your own risk. You’ve been warned!!!

Let me work on that some more. Oh, I also changed the title a wee bit, it’s now called the ““Darling Dots” Flower Power Tutorial“.  I’ve set it up on 2 pages. So be sure to go to the second page for instructions regarding the medium and large flowers. They are done slightly different than the smallest one. If you’ll notice, the pages are also listed at the top of my blog. Pretty cool, huh?  TFL

Whew! *wipes my brow and passes out* – Ka thunk!  Don’t worry that was only my head hitting my laptop. I’ll be fine. No, really… I’ll be fine…kathunk *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

Warm fuzzy hugs…Sazxoxox