I just have to give Karen Giron a huge hug for posting my card after winning her blog contest. Thank you Karen! I am truly blessed by all the ladies who have stopped by to take a look and leave such wonderful comments. I can’t express my gratitude enough.  Let me share with you a truly funny moment and a little insight about me in general.  I’m truly not all that bright at times. *gasp*

I woke up today like any other day. I checked my blog stats before heading to work. Doesn’t everyone do this? *smiles* I was a little surprised by the numbers.

I also noticed I had received a comment on my chocolate/vanilla butterflies I did for Karen’s sketch challenge. So naturally, I went to read it. Keep in mind I just started to sip on my first cup of coffee. I still haven’t had any breakfast and my eyes are half open. It’s 6:45 AM CDT. I start work at 7. Fortunately, I work from home. Even still, I need time to open my eyes as much as the next person.

After reading the comment Karen left, I clicked on her name in the comment section and of course it takes me to her blog. Look, I’m really not awake at this point. I stopped dead in my tracks, my coffee cup poised at the edge of my lips. I’m stunned. I’m in shock. I’m dumb founded to say the least. I don’t know if I should drink my hot coffee or set the cup down before spilling it in my lap.  What caught my attention like a deer in headlights was the fact that my card was sitting on Karen’s blog as the first post for today.

Mind you, it hadn’t dawned on me yet that I had won her blog contest. (I am telling you….I am not always the brightest bulb in the pack .) To be honest I had forgotten about the contest. I just wanted to share with the gals what I did. And, that is why I pushed so hard to put my card online before Karen’s Thursday 2PM deadline.

Well, I just had to tell someone! There’s my card in all it’s glory on someone elses blog! Not to mention a sketch challenge blog! Do you know what this means!?! Holy cow! So I  IM’d (Instant Messenger) my sister (who was awake at the time because she is on the east coast).  I wrote to her: Check this out!  Shot her the link to Karen’s site and sat back with a HUGE grin on my face while sipping on my coffee. I’m feeling prit-tee special right about now.  But, God has a way of setting us straight and popping those bubbles of pride. LOL Right now I am laughing my butt off in hindsight.

I can be such a dumb bunny, honestly! Then I look to the right while I am in the throws of my excitement and my sister is chatting away in IM’s. Karen posted the winning number of the contest winner. (I’m still clueless).  *heartily laughing* I leisurely scroll to the Mr. Linky list to see who this lucky winner is. Not thinking for one second it is yours truly. Number 20..who’s number 20? DUH! The light bulb goes on and now I’m feeling a wee bit embarrassed. Naturally, I have to tell my sister the REAL reason for my card being on Karen’s site. I’m thinking Karen is just enamoured by my card. HA! Pffffft…if only! *busting a gut over here* I ate my crow and told my sister the truth. Still, I was on cloud nine that I had even won. I rarely win anything. It’s usually once every decade. And, that’s if I am r-e-a-l-l-y lucky. LOL

Talk about heart palpitations just seeing my card on another blog! Then finding out I won a contest and the actual prize is to be given a spotlight moment. *Again, laughing and  rolling my eyes at my own silliness*

Since finding out I was the winner of Karen’s blog contest I have come down from the stratosphere. I’m hovering about a foot off the ground at the moment. You didn’t really think I could ground myself right away did you?  hehehehe

What a great way to start my day aside from nearly scalding myself! Thanks Karen! And, a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have been coming to my blog.  I hope you’ll continue to visit me.


Warm hugs…Saz