Hi folks…

cdfrontWell today is another Mojo Monday and I intend to make a card. But, I won’t be uploading that for a little while. In the meantime I wanted to share another project with you that I created not to long ago. I have some paper CD Holders hanging around and I thought I would decorate one for a wonderful event I went to on April 18th called “My Favorite Things”.

I had a lot of fun doing the event and making all the items I took to the event to sell and/or receive custom orders for. The gist of the event was this: The hostess gathered together a number of her favorite demonstrators and/or artisans. She also invited friends, family, neighbors, etc. to her home. It’s similar to an open house. But, much more fun because you get to see all the items in one place. She had Avon, Lia Sophia, myself with handmade/stamped items, baskets (the name brand eludes me at the moment) and others. The event started at 12:30 PM and lasted till 4 PM. I don’t believe one demonstrator/artisan walked away without at least 1 sale.  It turned out quite well for me as I was able to sell some of the cards I’ve posted on the blog, post-it-note holders, as well as take custom orders for several large ticket items. I took the CD holder to use as a custom order item.

The orange, pink, and yellow flowers you see on the holder were done by hand. These are known as “fringed flowers” in the art of Quilling. Quill work is done by using certain widths of paper such as 1/8″ – 5/8″  wide to make certain shapes that can be placed together to create a random design or make a specific design.

There are machines that will slice and/or make the fringe for the flowers. But, mine were done by hand using a heavy duty paper clip and a pair of snips. Yes, I snipped each and every little fringe myself on all three flowers. Some would call me crazy, but I truly love doing them in various colors. I placed a pretties pearl inside each flower and then added Stickles to complete the look.  You can’t really see the Stickles in this picture on any of them. Stickles is to these what icing is to cake. The edges of the fringe just sparkle and shine. The paper is not card stock or DSP.  The weight of the paper is more like printer paper so it can be easily rolled onto the tool. If you would like to know more about the art of Quilling I recommend Googling the words “Paper Quilling”. You will see some amazing artwork done with this particular art form.

Okay, well I’m off to do my Mojo Monday card. I have no idea what I am going to do. I love a good mystery, don’t you? lol Sazzyxoxox…