Sometimes less is more. And in this case, there’s a whole heap less. I keep thinking I should have added at least one more layer. What can I say? I really like the Sweet Always DSP.  I’m hooked for sure. I hope Stampin’ Up!  doesn’t  retire this DSP any time soon. I would simply cry.

Being that spring is here it just fits my mood these days. I’ve used so much of it lately that I think I’m in an “old-fashioned” ice cream shop most of the time. It is just so scrumptious. It reminds me of the days I used to go to the “real” old-fashioned ice cream shoppes. You know the ones. You walk in and the seats at the counter seem 10 feet tall and swivel till the cows come home. Unless you get the one that feels like the tilt-o-whirl. HA!  And there,  behind the counter… a dreamy boy who serves you  the best cherry coke in the world. 🙂  Dreamy…simply dreamy.  I have nothing against Baskin Robins or other newer ice cream shops. But, there is just something truly special about real “old-fashioned” ice cream/soda shops you just don’t find in the newer ones today. Perhaps it was our innocence as children back then? Life was much slower and certainly a lot more simplistic. Uh oh…time to go…the street lights just came on. *winks*

Thanks for buzz’n by and taking a peek…..